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Berdine Nusselder

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Berdine Nusselder 

Actress born in the Netherlands,

trained in London, Paris and Brussels, I graduated in 2011 Magna Cum Laude with a Master at the National Superior Institute of Performing Arts,

I play classical texts by Ibsen, Shakespeare, Strindberg, Sartre, Koltès, Wedekind, as well as other contemporary creations and performances for cinema and television in French, Dutch and English.

Berdine Nusselder

A Miss Julie punk enchants the

Théatre de Carouge

Young actress Berdine Nusselder imprints her strangeness on August Strindberg's rousing heroine, escorted to hell by Caroline Cons and Roland Vouilloz, both on fire. Swiss director Gian Manuel Rau reveals the somnambulistic side of a ruthless play.

The beauty of this Mademoiselle Julie, would be first of all that, a cohesion, of three tuned actors, the imperious and almost childish Berdine Nusselder in the title role ...


Alexandre Demidoff LETEMPS.CH

Dirty Hands

Finally the role of Jessica allows the young Berdine Nusselder to give the full measure of her talent. Of Dutch origin, trained at Insas, she speaks French with the charming accent of Jane Birkin and with the crunchy luscious blondness of Marylin. She smoothly transitions from her status as a capricious child woman to that of a free and responsible woman. A great performance.

Christian Jade ( )

Berdine Nusselder
Berdine Nusselder

The other key issue is the role of Nora. The director chose Berdine Nusselder, of Dutch origin, blonde, young, who, with her accent, inevitably reminds Anne Tismer. (Directed by Thomas Ostermeier). A formidable comparison, that she can handle well! If at the start, her hysterical “Doll” game seems excessive, she gradually acquires this depth, this internal tension. And we fully share the revolt in a final as dramatic as it is overwhelming.


Guy Duplat La libre

A Doll's House


Formidable, the young Dutch woman, Berdine Nusselder, carries with strength and conviction this role of young claimant, in search of answers and truth.

'Muriel Hublet' The pleasure of giving.

Berdine Nusselder
Berdine Nusselder

Black Battles with Dogs

The power of this staging lies mainly in the acting of the actors, who use their bodies in a breathtaking way, with a special mention for Berdine Nusselder. She who is just a little adventurous bird reveals herself overwhelmed and overwhelming.

Francoise Nice

The Respectful Prostitute /

The Disrespectful Prostitute

Disturbingly ambiguous, Berdine Nusselder oscillates between revolt and resignation in the role of Lizzie, this woman of nothing, crushed by the all-powerful aura of the representatives of the establishment, however corrupt they may be.

Le Soir, Catherine Makereel

Berdine Nusselder
Berdine Nusselder


Sometimes you are completely speechless after a performance. Then hardly words can be found for what has been shown, happened, brought about in a performance.

Jan Sobrie, Berdine Nusselder and Sophie Warnant play these “unruly” children with incredible conviction. All three achieve something rare: they manage to bring the spectator to see directly in the heart of their character.

Brechtje Zwaneveld, Theaterkrant *****

Yvan and Else, Bank of God

The actress Berdine Nusselder, in the role of what one could describe as "Madame Loyale", excels, shines ...

Demandez le programme, Didier Beclard

Berdine Nusselder
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